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A traditional Japanese haiku consists of three lines divided into a five-seven-five sound unit pattern. When American’s translated these small Japanese poems, they found that the sound units and syllables differed. The result, American haiku does not hold to the five-seven-five pattern unless it is natural to the poem.

A haiku is meant to capture a moment in time. Written in the present tense and usually containing a seasonal word, the tiny poem is almost like a snapshot catching that one instance that may have been missed. Most haiku contain a short phrase of description and a fragment or aha moment. This form of poetry is fun to write and collect. I like to sit outside for a while and just observe. I almost always find something interesting to write about, along with that aha flash.

Here are some of my haiku…Enjoy!

Tater’s tail wags,
jump, dive, romp-
circles in the snow
 wobbly goats
born before midnight—
spring renewed
 queen anne’s lace crowns
county roads—
blue chicory salutes

crimson moon floats
across chilly skies—
pumpkins grin 
crystals glisten, sun
shine through jeweled glass-
ice covered trees

signs of spring
daffodils, pansies, crocus—
real estate for sale
trillium unfurls
snow trickles into the creek—
God blows the kiss of spring

crocus spring up
gives brightness to earth—
hope to the heart

tiny blue eggs hatch—
in the corner
of the porch basket
by love—
red tulips
rain pours
grass grows—
mower rests

2016 Haiku

riot of white
confetti stings my face
February snow squall

ruffled fungi
adorns old stump
beauty in death

stretches to bloom
blood stained tears

purple flox
dot hillside
wake up sleepyhead

fat bird
evasive in the bush
how do wings hold you up

bearded man
two dogs
comfortable life

dutchman's breeches
sway between emerald leaves
elfin laundry

almond pink roses
sprinkled with November rain
-unexpected gift

crooked-stemmed aster
bouquets along a wooded path
autumn's star, God's gift

2017 Haiku

gnome in the garden
hyacinth blooms midnight purple
—soothes my weary soul

red cardinal squats
on top branch of young maple
—music for God's ears

finch feeder in place
waiting for yellow wings—
delightful diversion

trillium emerge
from the damp forest floor-
—sweet discovery

bird wings flap in puddles
splashes mama bird's beak
—bath time for baby

wind wraps around the
bushes, they shake and rattle
—clearing winter dust

pink and blue feather
across the morning sky
—hope awakens the day

startled into graceful
flight- the blue heron squawks
             —protector of the nest

thistle in feeder
yellow finch clings to purple branch
—a shy little guy

fern fronds bow their heads
curl tight against their mother
-independence waits

fog hugs the lamp posts
light penetrates pushes through
-prisms of hope

green-blue carpet
juniperous squamata spreads
-crimson tulips sprout


  1. I have written a few of these poems too. Yours are nice!!! Hope you all are doing well..

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I love these little poems. They're fun to write.


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