Needle Felting Fun

My latest crafting endeavor-needle felting.

A few years ago I took an art class on felting. 
I tried wet felting, but didn't enjoy the feel of the wet wool. 
Then, I tried my hand at using a sharp needle to poke the fiber into shape. 
I made a few little creatures, but got frustrated when I poked my fingers too many times with those very sharp needles. 
Ouch! I gave away the tools and thought I'd never try needle felting again.

Fast forward several years. 

Something tugged at me to try the craft again. 
I started searching online for tools and tips. 
Yep-more tools. 
One of them removed all doubt of pursuing this fun art. 
I found leather finger covers!
Just what I needed to make poking the wool less detrimental to my fingers. 


Let's take a peek at what I've made so far...

I had to make a sheep. 
Since those precious animals provide the wool roving. 
I'm pleased with the results.
Three views of Baa-baa.

February 2020


My first project 2016

Christmas Ornaments 2019

Christmas Snow People 2019
Woodland Santa (2020) is my latest needle felting project. 
I love his curly beard!

I started in the spring, but couldn't muster the desire to needle felt 
in summer's 90 degree temps. 
So as the weather cooled down last week, I finished the tree and put it all together.

Even with learning curves and a few broken needles, I enjoyed the process. 
One thing I learned is to use a lighter hand and not punch the needle so hard. 
Smaller jabs meant less broken needles and less frustration. 

Needle felting is a satisfying craft. 
There is no such thing as perfection.
Each piece is unique. 
The process relieves stress.


  1. So sweet! I love your little treasures. I'm glad you tried felting again.


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