Small Town : A Poem

Small Town: A Poem about Growing Memories

snows drift deep.
Dapple gray huffs
through arctic pastures.
Evergreens bow on the 
edge of town.
Snow day!
Sleds fly downhill.
Small town streets retreat.
Plows heap
snowflakes into parallel parking spaces.
Shoppers climb like mountaineers
to double parked cars and trucks.
Winter in a small town.

children tromp
through snow.
Slush on small town
Valentines crush in mittened
Boxes glued with hearts and lace
float by.
Will he, won't he?
Does she, don't she?
Will they drop a card in mine?
Life depends on it
in the month of love.
In small town.

winds whip
the willow trees.
Maples dream of green.
Along the streets the tall woods
stand grand like guards 
over small town.
Kites dance in the sky.
Hung over the creek-
Ol' Turtle Creek.
Laughter floats to kite tails
kicking in the azure sky.
Simple life, small town life.
Laid back, slow down life.

gold, yellow hues,
Church beds
burst with saffron,
mustard, lily white.
Easter egg hunt.
Peek in the grass,
greening with new growth.
Under rocks, nest in a hedge.
Purple, pink, blue
hard boiled rainbows.
Yellow chicks, chocolate bunnies.
Spring in small town.

bells ring.
Freedom sings.
School doors spring.
Breath deep, fresh air.
First of the season in small town. 
Amble downtown,
your favorite
out of school
Record shop, malt shop.
Library trip-
only books
you want to read.
Schools out in small town.

crickets sing
down by Turtle Creek.
Bullfrog giggin'
worm diggin'.
Late nights
lit by the silvery moon.
Cane pole
lines bob,
up the street
from small town.
Blue gill for dinenr.
Fried up in a pan.
Crispy outside, tender inside.
Summer feast in small town.

cracks open.
Fireworks flash
red, white, blue.
Allegiance to the flag
of the United States 
of America.
Rejoice for the freedom
to choose a path.
Rejoice for the freedom
to live and grow
in a small town.

nights, heat lightning.
Lightning in a jar.
Watermelon picnics.
Quick dips in Turtle Creek.
Hide in the covered bridge
Search for a drop of shade.
Freeze tag, you're it
Swing the statue.
Out late.
Wait for the first 
stars to twinkle.
Breath in the 
last days of summer freedom
in small town.

Fire trucks,
tissue paper roses
decorate floats.
Majorettes and marching bands.
Scouts, both boys and girls.
Candy floating thought he air
reaches waving children's 
hungry hands.
Labor day, fair week.
Back to school in small town.

sweep the streets.
Cowboys, bunny rabbits,
a little princess
follow lighted
porch trails.
Parents call
annual hellos
to passersby.
Gummy, chocolate,
sweet and gooey.
Popcorn balls,
candied apples.
Trick or treat
in small town.

leaves cover the ground.
Hum of quiet streets.
Children nestled
inside, reading
favorite tales.
Turkeys bake.
Pumpkin pies,
cranberry sauce from a can.
Football games and \
big parades.
Thankful thoughts 
of small town.

candy canes grace
small town
Main Street.
Santa's coming,
Jingle Bells plays,
Nativity's in place.
Carolers jostle down the street 
Christmas tea.
Evergreens twinkle 
in windows,
on street corners.
Christmas lives
in small town.

Small town.
My town.
Your town.
Grow up
And grow memories
In small town.

This poem is based on the experiences of myself and my children as we grew up in a small town.

All poems are protected by copyright
© Penny Frost McGinnis


  1. What a glorious poem! I love the imagery. The pictures could be our main street here in Granville, but they do indeed suit your book.

    1. Thanks, Kris. I should come to Granville and take some pictures. :)


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