Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Summer of Joy by Ann. H. Gabhart

Summer of Joy

Summary from back cover: 
For Jocie Brooke, the summer of 1964 certainly was eventful, but it's nothing compared to what's coming to Hollyhill, Kentucky, and the Brooke family next. The past is coming to call, threatening to destroy the relationships that everyone thought were so strong. Two people--one thought to be gone for good and the other no one's ever heard of--are making their way to the small town. And it promises trouble for everyone.

Ann Gabhart spins a pleasing tale of family, love, and small town life in Summer of Joy. Set in the 1960s while men go to Vietnam and the Beetles sing about love, David balances work, a congregation and an eclectic family. Leigh loves David and wants more than anything to join his lovable clan.

Hollyhill is full of quirky and lovable characters layered with lives of complication, compassion, and faith. I enjoyed meeting each one and watching them bloom. Ann does an amazing job creating the people in this small town. From young Jocie, the local archivist and wanna be journalist to Zella, romance reader and top notch Christian, readers will love the entertaining story lines as the folks are intertwined in each others’ lives. I enjoyed stepping back in time to a slower pace. Grab a cup of coffee and slip into this touching story, sprinkled with comedy and suspense.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Little Flower Bed

Little flower bed--
buried in brown leaves,
dead stems, and wilted fingers--
longs for bursts of fuchsia, gold,
India green and tangerine.

Melted snow
saturated the soil. Woke the roots.
The black-eyed Susan babies
(a friend shared last year)
race to break through.

My little garden dreams
of spring. Fresh buds, rubber-red peony sprouts,
gray lavender, drooping columbine,
jewel toned zinnias.

Soon, little garden, soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Honored to have an article in Southern Writers magazine

My article "Always a Tourist" is featured in the March/April issue of Southern Writers magazine.

A Stroke of Art

If you live near a city or an artsy town, you may have visited studios hosting painting parties. Friday evening, two of my daughters, my niece, and I spent the evening at Stroke of Art where art is a party. The cozy studio tucked into a corner in Withamsville, Ohio hosts painting parties, special events and art for children.

Our Instructor Carrie
When we arrived, our instructor, Carrie, greeted us with a kind welcome. She set us up with easels, canvas, paints, water, brushes and pallet knives. As a group, we selected the painting we wanted to create. Even though we followed the same idea, our choice of colors and our personal styles made our finished art unique.
As much as I appreciated the perfect set-up with generous supplies, I loved the laughter, encouragement and camaraderie with the girls. We snapped pictures, reminisced, admired each other’s work and just enjoyed being together.

No matter your ability, I highly recommend this fun experience.

Do you have an art studio where you can paint or have an art party? If you do, please share.