About Me

I have a difficult time writing about myself. But here are a few things that make me who I am:

I love God and believe the Bible is pure truth

I know Jesus gave his life for me and I'll meet him in heaven someday

I am married to a wonderful man who is the perfect mate for me

I have five children, three daughters, a step-son and a step-daughter, plus a daughter-in-law and three sons-in-law who've all added so much to my life

We have a whole passel of grandchildren and we love them all to the moon and back

I'm retired from a career working in libraries

We are blessed to have our rescue dog, Olive, a mix of corgi and dachshund

I love reading, writing, embroidery, nature, drawing, praise time at church, and listening to music

My philosophy for writing stems from finding God's beauty in everyday life,
be it through nature, books, a lovely teacup, or a tattered Bible.
So often we're bogged down with the sadness and tragedy we experience or hear on the news. To combat the sorrow, God has called me to bring hope and joy
to people's lives through the positive relationship I have with Jesus. He has so much to offer to the hurting world and if my writing brings healing and hope through Christ, I've done a good work.


  1. It is hard to write about self. I'm leaving a comment because I've been here, and I want you to know this is pretty. I absolutely hate it (that's a joke between a grandson and me) when people don't take the time to wave. Donevy~

    1. Thanks for stopping by Donevy. I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote.


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