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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Historical Fiction Book Review: In Times Like These by Gail Kittleson

Book Description:December 7, 1941 - The Day that will live in Infamy
The Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the U.S. base at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,403 Americans, wounding 1,143, and destroying 18 naval ships including five battleships.

The following day the United State declared war on the Empire of Japan. Three days later, the US declared war on Germany and Italy.

In Iowa, the Heartland of America, best friends Addie and Kate are embroiled in their own private wars. Kate's pilot husband has gone Missing in Action, and Addie's overbearing and controlling husband vents his rage on her. Somehow, these heroic Women of the Heartland must find a way to overcome the adversities of the war without, and the war within.

My Review:
In Times Like These, book one of the Women of the Heartland is a heart wrenching story of determination and realization. Addie's friend Kate awaits news of her MIA husband while Addie suffers the emotional abuse of her angry husband. I love that the story is sprinkled with good people willing to help Addie, as she struggles with her circumstances. Jane is a God send with a mystery of her own. While Berthea, Addie's mother-in-law finds her way back to herself. This story is drenched in WW2 history, including the radio announcements folks clung to as they waited for their loved ones to come home. Addie and Kate's stories continue through the series, so I would consider this part of a serial rather than a stand alone. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.