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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aggravating Allergies

©Penny Frost McGinnis
I rarely miss church. But today after sleeping all day on Friday and Saturday, my body called again for rest on Sunday. Spring allergies have attacked and given me their gift of an ear, eye, and sinus infection. It started out as a minor irritation and worked it's way to a full blown aggravation.

I missed work on Friday, free admission to the Nature Center on Saturday, and church on Sunday. I probably sound whiny because I am. But I just hate missing out on life. Yet I know God calls me to rest and too often I don't listen. My husband tries to remind me, yet I think I'm okay and I plow through.

My advice to myself and anyone who might read this. Rest when your body gives the signs. Take care of yourself. And sleep as needed. It's not easy or convenient sometimes to just rest, but it's sure necessary.

Here's hoping the allergies are done with me or will at least give me a pass for the rest of spring.

Do you have allergies? What do you do to keep them at bay?