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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Thousand Mornings

I believe that each person experiences God in different ways. I’m most connected to God when I’m walking the dogs by the lake or working in my flower bed. Experiencing nature draws me closer to my Lord. I love the beauty he’s created for our world. A colorful sunset and soft fallen snow bring joy to my heart. And the animals, they are so incredible. Whether a giraffe at the zoo, a squirrel in the park, or cute baby goats, I love seeing God’s handiwork. I also relate to God through poetry. I write poems from time to time and I read poetry, particularly poems that feature the natural world and everyday circumstances of life.

My most recent poetic read is A Thousand Mornings: Poems by Mary Oliver.  In A Thousand Mornings, Mary surrounds herself with nature and the unexpected pleasure of the everyday. In the morning, she grabs her notebook and pencil and delves into the world with her poetic eye and mind. From lamenting the short life of the Luna moth to remembering the delight and sometimes bruises from tree-climbing, Mary captures an almost magical insight into the world that surrounds her. This slim volume of poetry both delights and intrigues.

A native of Ohio, Mary Oliver published her first book of poetry in 1963. Her fourth book, American Primitive, won the Pulitzer for poetry in 1984. She’s spent many years writing and teaching poetry. Much of her inspiration comes from her home in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

I also enjoy Robert Frost and Ted Kooser. Both poets write about the every day and the natural world.