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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fiction Book Review: A Question of Destiny by Anita Higman

Book Description:
Lucy O’Brien is about to be given ten million dollars and a chance to live a life she never imagined. Will this new found wealth be Lucy’s undoing, or can she rise above the temptations within high society and choose to become a nobler version of herself? And will the solitary Andrew Whitfield—a man who watches over Lucy as she adapts to her new lifestyle—cause her to close the door on her dreams or be the key that opens the rest of Lucy’s destiny?

My Review:
When I read Anita Higman's stories I can almost hear her telling the tale. Her unique voice shines through in her quirky and lovable characters. I especially enjoyed Lucy  because of her positive, no-nonsense attitude. She spoke her mind in the midst of people she wasn't familiar with. And did it in a loving manner. Andrew's story warms the heart as he's overcome some tough obstacles. A Question of Destiny reminds me of an old fashioned love story with an ounce of whimsy and an extra measure of sweetness. If you're looking for a relaxing read, this one fits the bill. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Knightly by Katherine Reay

It’s hard to believe this is Katherine Reay’s debut novel. Written as if she’s penned stories for a lifetime, Dear Mr. Knightley delights as it reveals a young woman’s journey into adulthood.

Through letters to her benefactor, Samantha is required to detail her life as she works through a graduate program at Medill School of Journalism. Along the way, Sam meets an array of quirky and interesting characters. I wanted to visit with the Muirs, a kind, older couple and have lunch with handsome, charming Alex Powell. Along with the fascinating characters, the honesty that pours on the pages from Samantha’s life pulls the reader in.  Katherine writes with humor, reality, sadness and triumph. If you love Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennet, or Jane Eyre, you’ll enjoy this delightful modern tale.

Anyone who enjoys a tale of growing up and finding love will lose themselves in Dear Mr. Knightley. You may even wish you had a Mr. Knightley of your own.