Monday, January 16, 2012

The Printed Word

Today, I printed 215 pages of double spaced, Times Roman pt. 12 font. That's right, I printed my first novel. Granted it is not finished until all edits are complete and I know in my heart that I cannot add or subtract anything without changing the story. But it is at this moment all in one place with a new title, Peace, Love and Mashed Potatoes.

As I've worked side-by-side with God to complete this work of fiction, I've understood the meaning of submission on a much different level. I've been obedient and accepting of God's input and appreciative that he chose me to write this book. He has fed me ideas and guidance as I've typed along. I continue to be amazed at how God has placed the people I need into my life at just the right moment. This week one of my friends at work, an English Professor, offered to read and edit my story. I also have family members and another dear friend who are readers. I am blessed.

I pray that He uses Willow's story for whatever purpose he intends and that those who read it will be blessed.  And I pray that he continues to give me insight as I prepare this written work for market. Please pray with me that God's will is done in where this book ends up.


  1. Message me about your book!!!! Or call!!! Would love to be a reader if you need one. How exciting!

  2. So excited to have my sister-in law reading my book! Thank you, Kris.


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