Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Joy of Writing

Revise, revise, revise. I am rewriting my fiction manuscript. One of ACFW's offerings is their wonderful critique group. And I say wonderful with some trepidation. I love the group and I enjoy reading and making suggestions on other people's work. I especially appreciate the comments and suggestions that they give me. But my goodness, revising works my brain and fingers into a tired puddle by the end of the day. 

That said, with any writing that I do, even a short devotion, I reword it at least four or five times. One of the joys of writing involves playing with the words and images until I find the perfect combination. I aim to paint a picture for the reader and help them discover what I see. So I continue to write, rewrite and revise. 


  1. Love the Elizabeth Elliot quote. What a classy lady. Loved the chapter you read today at the ACFW cluster meeting.

  2. Thanks, Patty. I enjoyed being with you all.


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