Sunday, May 27, 2012


I've often said, that I love technology as long as it works. At my job, I spend most of my time in some sort of software program. I use the software for the catalog. I make purchases on Amazon, and search academic databases as well as Google. 

Then I get home and practically live in Microsoft Word when I'm writing a devotion or story. Word has these wonderful tools that help me write with more accuracy and less mistakes. That is, as long as I use the tools properly.  I can use "find and replace" to search for a word or phrase and replace it with another word or phrase. That sounds nice and easy, until I accidentally ask it to replace every occurrence of the main characters name, Willow,  with the word "She". Yes, I did that. I replaced Willow's name with "She" throughout the entire 200+ page novel. And I hit save instead of reverse. 

You guessed it. I had to go through the entire document and find every place that should say Willow instead of "She". I think the funniest one I found was her niece calling to her "Aunt She, Aunt She!". 

Instead of getting grumpy and  frustrated, I took my mistake in stride and saw it as one more way to reread and revise my book. I'll know soon enough if I found them all. I just finished editing chapter seven for hopefully the last time. Just 19 or 20 more chapters to go. 

That seems like an eternal job, but for someone over fifty who's lived to tell about it, it's just a drop in the bucket.

What crazy computer mistakes have you made?


  1. Penny, well just this weekend I was posting about my blog guest and posted the wrong title for her book. I used the title of my last week's guest! Don't know if over 50 is the cause or not.

  2. I wiped out all my edits and had to start all over! Still haven't figured that one out yet so I hope I don't do it again, lol. (I can't even blame it on my age but my husband is almost there. He turns 49 tomorrow!)


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