Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First Novel

What’s it like to write your first novel?

I’m asking myself this question. Over two years ago, with a nudge from God, I put pen to paper and interviewed the characters who danced in my mind. I found out where they lived, why they lived there, the books they like to read, and what they looked like. As I dug deeper, they told me their story. Just like real people, they each have a story to tell. My fictional characters shared heartache and joy. They told me secrets and made me guess at a few. One personality learned to forgive, another finds her family. A man loves and a mother shares.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned great lessons from them and from writing a novel. In carving out the story, I’ve learned to let go of the phrases I thought were so perfect. The journey’s taught me to listen to others who provide feedback and not take personally the critiquing the words need. I’m working on the proposal that I plan to send to an agent. That takes as much care as the novel itself.

Until next time—

What part of novel writing do you enjoy the most? If you are not a writer, what part do you enjoy reading the most?


  1. Like your blog! I like editing best. Well, not exactly...maybe it's just easier. It is fun to take an idea and develop it into a book. Kinda like pulling teeth, too.
    Pat Trainum writing as P. T. Bradley
    2012 Romantic Suspense Genesis Finalist

    I asked God to teach me patience and He gave me a book to write

  2. i always seem to like the last quarter of a book the best. or at least i read it much faster than the rest of the book. when i get close to the end i just cant put the book down. was it like that in writing the end?


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