Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Book Nook, a place to relax and read

 I’m so happy to see you’re still visiting Turtle Creek. Wasn’t the café just adorable? Bess serves the most delicious treats in town. You probably noticed that the repurposed old church not only houses the café, but also has a book store. Let’s take a peek inside the Book Nook. I just love the jingle of the bell above the door, don’t you.

The window display looks inviting. I bet Rachel, the student who works on break and in the summer, arranged the pumpkins and mums with the books. Hmm... I wonder if the community garden folks have seen the book about harvesting organic foods.

I see Reed’s helping a student find their textbook. He’s so good about keeping the college section stocked. Did you notice the variety in the local reading section, books by Ohio authors as well as tomes local sites around the state.  Such a friendly soul, Reed seems to love owning and running the book shop. I just can't figure out why some young lady hasn't snatched him up. 

If you want, we can buy a coffee and browse the book offerings or sit in the quiet reading area. I love the overstuffed chairs. A few times Reed’s caught me napping.

Next time you stop by, I’d like to drop by Odell’s and then see what Finn has in stock. If Willow ever does come home, she’s going to be surprised by the changes in Turtle Creek. I just hope she wants to stay.

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