Friday, January 25, 2013

Children and Art

In the movie Yours, Mine and Ours, single mom Rene Russo proclaims “Homes are for free expression, not for good impression” after her new husband Dennis Quaid tries to bring order to her organized chaos. As an artist, she encourages her children to explore and discover their creative abilities.

Van Gogh's Sunflower
by Dylan
We tried to raise our children in a home of free expression by providing them with fabric, thread, paper, paint and anything else we could find to create beauty. God made each person with different talents and I wanted them to find theirs. As a result they all have art as a part of their life. Through teaching, photography, writing, sewing, crocheting, painting and more they express their skills and creativity.

Now our grandchildren have found the joy of art. Our first grade granddaughter has discovered Van Gogh through the insight of her wonderful art teacher. The excitement she shared with me about her favorite artist reminded me about how important it is to introduce children to the great artists and encourage them to dabble in color.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art published two books for young children to introduce famous painters:

  Monet'sImpressions                                                                     Vincent'sColors


Both books offer colorful illustrations and easy to read stories of the artist’s lives.

I find joy in having the freedom to express myself through art. But, even more I appreciate sharing in my grandchildren’s handiwork.

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  1. I have that quote hanging in my house :) along with much free expression.


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