Saturday, March 9, 2013

Doodles :)

Do You Doodle?

Some people might not see doodling as a form of art, but I do. I am the person sitting in church with flowers and butterflies penned on my sermon notes (see picture), or the woman in the office with sunflowers and swirls on her calendar. According to psychologist, Jackie Andrade*, drawing while listening assists the brain in retaining information. Evidently, while I’m doodling I’m not daydreaming. Instead, I’m actually paying attention. That’s good news for me. Making tiny pictures can add to the creative process, too. My imagination flies when I draw. And, it's relaxing :o)

Are you a:

~Daisy doodler – drawing flowers or fanciful mini-art

~Shape doodler – drawing squares, circles, hearts, etc.

~Fill-in doodler – coloring in empty spaces

~Name doodler – write names and outline or draw around them

~Anything goes doodler – as long as your pencil’s moving you’re happy

Do you doodle? If you do, what kind of doodler are you?

*Psychologist, Jackie Andrade initiated a challenge to forty people. While listening to a boring phone message, twenty people doodled while they alternately recorded names mentioned on the tape. The other twenty only recorded names. As a result, the doodlers recalled 29% more information than the people who only listed names.

ANDRADE, J. (2010). What does doodling do?. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 24(1), 100-106. doi:10.1002/acp.1561


  1. What a neat post. Yes, I'm a doodler and had never really thought about it. It's just something I do. It's nice to know I'm paying attention. LOL

  2. I'm a shape doodler. :) Who knew! Thanks for sharing. :) All the best as you write (and doodle) for His glory. Lucy

  3. I am an all of the above doodler. If there are words, I color in the holes. Once done with that I often draw stars first, then hearts, then flowers. Sometimes I make designs. I think I may be day dreaming the whole time though.


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