Monday, May 27, 2013

Needle in Hand

I’ve had some kind of needle in my hand since I was five years old. I started with an embroidery needle and floss. I’m sure my early stitches mimicked scratches on a hieroglyphic wall. As my eye-hand coordination improved, I took time to perfect my skills. With practice and interest, I moved on to a quilting needle, sewing machine, crochet hook, latch hook, and a failed attempt at knitting needles.

A few years ago, one of the professor’s in the art department at the local college offered a class on felting wool. I thought I’d give it a shot. This class did not involve a needle, just the gentle motion of my hands in warm water and wet wool. I gave my best attempt to move the materials around in the water at a slow, easy pace. That lasted about ten minutes. My patience wore thin and so did the wool. I finished the project and then walked away. Not long ago, this same teacher offered a workshop on needle felting. Note the word needle. I loved it. Since then, I’ve created a few items myself and plan to make more. I guess I just needed a needle in my hand in order to create.

To integrate this new hobby into my life I:
  • ·         Set aside a box to keep the supplies in
  • ·         Found venues to purchase supplies
  • ·         Looked at needle felting books
  • ·         Sketched out ideas
  • ·         Let my imagination roam
  • ·         Put the needle in hand and felted away

I enjoy learning new crafts, but I’m limited on time. Finding a way to incorporate my new hobby into my life adds an avenue for creativity and relaxation.

Do you have a creative outlet? What do you do to relax? If you do needle felting do you have any tips to share?


  1. I like crocheting and painting. Sewing is good too, but it is sometimes too consuming to set up the machine and get everything out.

    You could totally sell those felted things down here.

  2. I will send some. Glad you enjoy crocheting, you do a beautiful job.


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