Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Peace of Winter

I've always loved January. In Ohio, the first month of the year is usually cold and sometimes we are blessed with snow. Ideally, I like to stay home and write or spend the day reading, snuggled under a warm blanket, with a cup of tea. But like most folks, I go to work each day.

Nevertheless, I find ways to relish the beauty of winter. I appreciate the frozen scenery as I trek to work after a winter snow. I nestle in my living room after supper and share the time at home with my husband and dogs. And I write. I don't spend as much time outside, so that gives me more time
to rattle the keyboard and bring my ideas to life.

This January is no different. I'm working on my new work-in-progress, Faith, Hope and Hot Chocolate. I've returned to Turtle Creek to see what God has in store for Lily June and Finn.

I hope you stay warm and enjoy the peace of winter.

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