Monday, February 16, 2015

This Old Dog...

My daughter, Sara, called the other day. She wanted to know how much I loved my granddaughter, Ella Cate. Silly question. I love all my grandkids bunches and bunches.

The outfit I made for Ella Cate to go from the hospital in.
Sara couldn't find an Easter dress she liked for her sweet little girl. Could I make one? Sure. I'd give it a whirl. I'd made prom dresses, a wedding dress, lots of baby and toddler clothes for the girls, and quilts. I assumed (one should never do that) we'd go to the fabric store and purchase a pattern. Nope. It's not what young moms do anymore. Instead, she went on Etsy and purchased a downloadable pattern.

What? I have to download the pattern and print it. Not to mention make sure the 1" square is exactly 1", because that's how you know the sizing is accurate, follow the forty-nine pages of directions to tape the pattern together, cut out the fabric and sew it, and figure out how to improvise the parts that require a serger. (I don't have one, and I think I'd like a hem better, anyway.)

The pattern's printed. I've read the directions. As soon as we have a chance, Sara and I will take Ella Cate to pick out fabric. Can't wait.

Am I challenged? Yes. Will I do it? Yes. This old dog can still learn a new trick or two.

I'll post a pic when the project is finished.

Have you learned something new recently? What was it?

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