Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Beauties

Sessile Trillium ©Penny Frost McGinnis
Large-flowered Trillium ©Penny Frost McGinnis
 Every spring 

I'm excited to find flowers sprouting and blooming. God never disappoints. He's created some of the most interesting and beautiful plants. It'd been a long time since I wandered through the woods in spring. Discovering the trillium (above)was like finding a treasure. My husband and I spotted them the first week we hiked but they hadn't bloomed. This week they spread their color.  

As an added delight, I found a Jack-in-the-pulpit (below, right). Easy to miss because of their leaf-like appearance. Then we ran across the lovely, whimsical plant (two bottom pics) with cup-like blooms and curled tendrils. If anyone knows the name, please let me know. Enjoy the pics. I had fun taking them. 
All photo ©Penny Frost McGinnis

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