Saturday, August 1, 2015

Children's Book Review: Noah's Voyage Illustrated by David Miles

At a time when the people God created were disobedient, God called upon the one good man he could find, Noah. God asked Noah to build an ark because he planned to send rain and flood the earth to destroy the bad and start over with people who loved him. He not only wanted to save Noah and his family, he wanted Noah to load animals onto the ark. Following God's perfect instructions, Noah and his sons built the giant boat to the Father's exact dimensions. When the rains came they climbed in.

The story of Noah's ark has been told time and time again. But instead of listening to a storyteller, now young readers, age 5-7, can pick up a copy and read this I Can Read! copy with a little help. David Miles has painted colorful and expressive pictures that will capture the reader's attention and add to their imagination. The animals are delightful and Noah and his family appear as loving individuals. I especially like the illustration of the inside of the ark. I'm sure most children are curious about how the animals may have lived on the three level ark. I recommend this version of Noah and the ark to be read with a child or to a class. You'll have much to talk about.

I received this book from Zonderkidz in exchange for a fair review. 

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