Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy National Dog Day!

Olive & Tater
Olive joined our family about four years ago, She was a rescue dog we found at Pet Smart. The eight puppies she birthed had been adopted, and she sat in the cage looking lonely. Part Corgi and part Dachshund, she herds us with an attitude. 

The first time we saw Tater, he was a tiny bundle of fur. Adam's dog Mia had become a momma during one of the worst ice storms that hit our area, in 2004. The electric was out and Adam was watching over the new family with kerosene heaters to keep them warm. We stopped by to check on the pups a few days after their birth. And we fell in love with that sweet baby. Part Golden Retriever and Black Lab, he's a kind-hearted, loving dog. 

I hope you enjoy your dogs as much as we do ours!

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