Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Calm and Bright

The day after Christmas—a day to re-coop, relax and reflect. For three days we had a whirlwind of family gatherings. Saturday, we spent time with Tim's family and my family. The older I get, the more I enjoy visiting with my nieces and nephews, catching up with their lives and seeing the little ones grow and change. Sunday was a quiet day, as we traveled to Columbus to spend time with Kati. On the way there, we stopped by the Rivers Crossing church for the Christmas service. We were blessed by an excellent message and a beautiful candlelit moment. Being with Kati reminds us how thankful we are for her health and fitness. We about lost her a few years ago, praise God for her recovery and resurgence. Monday, we traveled to Adam's and shared gifts with him and Brenda and four of our grandkids. What a delight! Sara, Maggie, and Hannah and their families spent the evening at our home. We had so much fun.

After months of preparation, Christmas has come and gone, again. And I feel good. God gave me great health to celebrate his birth. Even though Tim was a bit under the weather on Christmas Day, he enjoyed most of the weekend activities. God gave us a beautiful family to share life with, good food and people who cooked it, and the spirit of gratitude. Every Christmas I pray my family sees Jesus in me. I hope this year was the same.  Some years, Christmas brings on a lot of added stress. I think that's why I can appreciate the holiday seasons that are calm, like this one.

This morning I dropped off our youngest daughter, who caught a ride back to South Carolina. Many times I cry when she goes back. But today, I just felt peace. We had a great visit, and I know God has wonderful things in store.
I pray 2018 is a year of serenity, if not in the world then at least in my soul.  

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