Monday, January 15, 2018

Chionophile, Me?

My daughter sent me a meme recently that fit me like a snug mitten.

The photo was a person in a knit hat and winter coat.

The caption said:
lover of cold weather, snow.
a person who finds joy and peace of mind during snowy days.
I love winter. There I said it. I know many people think I'm crazy. But, I truly find peace and rest when the snow blankets the yard and piles up in my flower bed. I enjoy watching the flakes dance from the clouds. When the sun shines on them, they twinkle like Christmas lights.
We've had freezing temperatures in Ohio. The first time in probably three years. And yes, I'm excited. I don my purple boots, heavy socks, gloves and red scarf, and I'm delighted. I love winter clothes and dressing in layers.

But what I enjoy the most about winter is the quiet. We took a road trip to Marblehead, yesterday. Lake Erie is frozen. Ice piled high along the rocks and snow covered the ground. There were a few other people out enjoying the cold. But the one thing I noticed was the absolute quiet. No waves crashed on the rocks. People whispered. The wind stood still. We tossed small pieces of ice onto the frozen lake and we could hear them skitter.

Peace covered me. I stood amazed at God's creation.

I never want winter to hamper others or cause difficulty. But while I can, I'm enjoying the beauty and peace of winter.


  1. I do too, Penny. Although I'm now looking forward to spring, and I need to get my seed catalogs/and seeds ordered for garden. My health has been poor enough the last two years when I try to get out to the garden my family boos and hisses. Nothing quite as funny as a petite 30 y/o dressed in designer jeans taking her mother-in-law's hoe away. Smile good day to ya'll

    1. It's fun to look through seed catalogs. I hope you enjoy your garden this year and your family understands your joy for spring!


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