Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fiction Book Review: Reason to Breathe by Deborah Raney

Book Description:
Phylicia thought life was passing her by, but maybe this was love’s plan all along. . .

At twenty-nine, Phylicia Chandler put her life on hold to care for her dying mother with her sisters, Joanna and Britt. Now Mom is gone and their father stuns them all by running off with a woman young enough to be their sister. Life is moving forward all around her, but Phylicia feels stuck—until her father’s protégé, Quinn Mitchell, presents the sisters with an intriguing business opportunity to purchase a trio of cottages just outside of Langhorne, Missouri. Joanna and Britt are convinced the three of them should launch a vacation rental venture, but Phylicia remains skeptical.

To complicate matters, Quinn soon finds himself falling hard for Phylicia. But how can he pursue this beautiful, talented woman twelve years his junior when she’s still reeling over her father’s hasty engagement to a younger woman? Quinn is determined to give Phylicia her happily-ever-after. But first, he must help her come to terms with her discovery of long-held family secrets and persuade her that true love can transcend their differences.

My Review:
Deborah Raney's uplifting stories beat with the heart of everyday life. Every one of Deb's books has left me wanting more, including Reason to Breathe, the first book in the Chandler Sisters novel series. I adore Phylicia's spunk and determination even when she doubts the family plans. And Quinn is a sweetheart. His patience with Phee and her sisters goes above and beyond. But the part of the story I enjoyed most was the relationship of the sisters; three women, totally different, yet grounded with the same  upbringing. As the mom of three girls, I especially enjoyed their spot-on, tug-of-war interactions and the love they share, despite their disagreements. I found myself smiling as I read this story of new beginnings, old friendships, family secrets, and redeeming love. Reason to Breathe will appeal to all the fans of the fixer-upper shows on television, as the sisters consider diving into a huge project together. I can't wait to read more of the Chandler sisters' stories. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Gilead Publishing by way of NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.  

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