Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas Traditions Around the World: Iceland's Jólabókaflóð

We all create traditions in our families for the holidays. My daughters and I get together with my mom and roll out, cut out, and bake Christmas cookies. My husband and I cruise the area and marvel at Christmas lights. We gather together to open presents, share food, and celebrate Jesus' birth. I never miss the children's Christmas pageant.

I've always been curious about Christmas traditions in other countries; or even in different regions of America.

Have you heard about a cool custom in Iceland?

As a book lover, I adore this Jólabókaflóð"the Christmas book flood." Icelander's open their gifts on Christmas Eve and one of the wrapped gifts is always a book. Once the clutter is cleared, the receiver of the gift takes their new shiny book, wraps up in a cozy blanket and cracks it open to read the night away. What a glorious tradition. Meaningful because the giver took the time to choose the perfect book. Relaxing as they read well into the night.

We read about Jesus birth from the Bible each Christmas and Holiday stories from Mary Engelbreit's Believe: A Christmas Story.
How can you incorporate book giving into your Christmas?
  • Add a book to your gift list.
  • Share a favorite book with a loved one.
  • Celebrate the joy of the printed word.

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