Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What do I Love About Christmas?

These are a few (maybe a lot) of my favorite things:
  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas (I've watched it every year since it came on television)
  2. Nativity Scenes (Indoor and outdoor)
  3. Looking at Christmas Lights with my hubby (revisiting the ones we've seen from year to year and discovering new ones)
  4. Hallmark Christmas Movies (Yep-I'm that girl)
  5. Making cookies with my daughters, grands, and mom! (We make a huge mess, but who cares)
  6. Peppermint and Chocolate (in my coffee, peppermint patties, anyway it comes)
  7. Our Christmas tree (the wonderful memories in each ornament)
  8. Decorations that reflect the beauty of the season (anything winter)
  9. Making Christmas Ornaments (always a joy)
  10. My grandchildren's Christmas plays (I love these!)
  11. Giving gifts (Always fun, sometimes a challenge)
  12. Gathering with loved ones (family and friends)
  13. The music (I have at least two stations ready to listen to in the car)
  14. Reading the story of Jesus' birth out loud, before we open gifts (A highlight for me)
  15. Celebrating the birth of Jesus who came to save the world! ("That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.")

What do you enjoy about Christmas?


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