Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A Spring Surprise

I walked around the corner of our condo and looked at all the green sprouts. 
Tulips and daffodils dared to shoot their leaves out of the winter dirt.
As I checked the progress of the hyacinth, I spied the bloom of a crocus.
I'd forgotten I planted the bulbs last year or maybe the year before. 
The lovely lavender buds were a sweet surprise. 


  1. How beautiful! Have written that saying on my prayer chalkboard wall under a chalked flowering flax bush!
    Thank u as am busy visiting a friend in hospital!

  2. While I was reading the above sharing I was reminded of the verse Ecclesiastes 11:1. Also a beautiful imagination moved in my mind regarding us children of God being flowering plants and fruit trees in the garden of our Lord.


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