Monday, May 4, 2020

Fiction Review: The Summer House by Lauren K. Denton

Book Description:
Sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself again.
Lily Bishop wakes one morning to find a good-bye note and divorce papers from her husband on the kitchen counter. Having moved to Alabama for his job only weeks before, Lily is devastated but forced to contemplate her next steps when she sees a flier at the grocery store for a hair stylist position in a local retirement community.

Rose Carrigan built the small retirement village of Safe Harbor years ago—just before her husband ran off with his assistant. Now she runs a tight ship, making sure the residents follow her strict rules. Rose keeps everyone at arm’s length, including her own family. But when Lily shows up asking for a job and a place to live, Rose’s cold exterior begins to thaw. Lily and Rose form an unlikely friendship, and Lily’s salon soon becomes the place where residents share town gossip, as well as a few secrets of their own. Lily even finds herself drawn to Rose’s nephew, Rawlins—a single dad and shrimper who’s had some practice at starting over, and one of the residents may be carrying a torch for Rose as well.

Neither Lily nor Rose is where they expected to be, but the summer makes them both wonder if there’s more to life and love than what they’ve lived so far. The Summer House weaves Lauren Denton’s inviting Southern charm around a woman’s journey to find herself.

My Review:
In this story of change and growth, I appreciated that Lily ended up in a village filled with retirees. I found the setting refreshing. So often people forget that folks over fifty-five live interesting lives. Lauren K. Denton explores not only rising up after losing everything, as Lily does, but also letting go and enjoying life as we watch Rose bloom (pun intended.) I love how the author captures the endearing personalities of the folks in Safe Harbor. I can't forget to mention Rawlins. He's a single dad and a sweetheart with a touching story. I didn't care for the consumption of alcohol by the characters, although it had a connection to the story. Otherwise, The Summer House is a charming story. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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