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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Letters of Love, a book review

Book Review

I’ve had the privilege of following Joi on her writing journey as she penned the book Letters ofLove.

Sophia wants to reach out to her husband, who is away in the service. But, she’s afraid. She turns to her grandparents for comfort and guidance. Sophia’s grandmother, Lucia, gives her granddaughter the letters that her husband, Tozier, wrote to her as he served his country during WWII. She prays that the letters will reveal hope to Sophia as she suffers through a rough time in her life. The truth that Sophia learns helps her find peace.

Joi included the actual letters that her grandfather wrote so many years ago. The beauty in the writing and the story of the times adds a sentimental yet eye opening element to the story. I enjoyed his words and the glimpse into his heart. The author wove the two stories together and created a lovely tale of hope.

I asked Joi to tell me a bit more about her inspiration for Letters of Love.
She said:

Joi Copeland's Book PageI wrote this story for my grandparents. My nana asked me years ago what I wanted from her house when she passes away. One thing caught my attention: her trunk from China. Unfortunately, my cousin claimed it first. I told my grandmother whatever she wanted to leave me was fine. I had memories my cousin didn't.

One day, Nana was going through things and found the letters Papa wrote her while stationed in India and China during WWII. She called me and asked if I wanted them. Without hesitation, I answered with an affirmative!

That's how this story started. While most of it is purely fiction, the letters themselves are not. It was a joy and pleasure to write about my grandparents.

About the Author:

Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys, Garrison, Gage, and Gavin. She is living the dream in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Joi loves being a wife and mom! She enjoys spending time with her sister Steffanne, and loves to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea with friends! She's been a Christian for over twenty years. Following Jesus has been the best decision she has ever made. Joi's books include Hope for Tomorrow, Hope for the Journey, Christmas Rayne, and Sheriff Bride Rob's Story, and Lettersof Love.

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