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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hope - Four Week Mini Bible Study

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Heather’s life was secure, and she trusted that everything would be okay, until doctors diagnosed her husband with the rare disease, achalasia. As she clung to her faith, her husband reassured her of God’s continued care and prompted her to seek out the hope she knew she could find in God.

In order to refocus her hope, she journeyed through the scripture and discovered that she needed to stop praying for God to give her what she wanted, “and instead pray for what He wanted.”

As a result, Heather created a four-week study on hope. In each study, she offers scripture and thoughts, plus life applications and discussion questions.

Heather’s honest approach, spiritual insight, and conversational writing style welcomes readers to the joy of hope in Jesus. I recommend this Bible study to anyone who seeks spiritual renewal or a better understanding of the peace you find in God’s hope.