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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Children's Picture Book Reviews

Kit and the Missing Notebook is a story about calming anxiety. Kit and her family move to a new town, and Kit can't find her precious notebook where she writes all the things she wants to remember. With the help of her new neighbors, she learns some techniques that help calm her anxiety. 

This is a sweet story that's perfect to read aloud to children. The way the authors present the various coping techniques is unique and spot on. The authors also include notes in the back that talk about why they wrote the story and how to use the methods in the book to help a child. Mrs. G's soup recipe is included as well. The illustrations are perfect for the story. 

Race to Kindness is about a race where everyone wins by spreading kindness throughout the community. The story, written by Time's 2021 Kid of the Year, is inspired by his desire to collect toys, food, and books for kids in need. It's an inspiration for all readers and a book that needs to be added to all classrooms and libraries. 

The illustrations are colorful and fun and include the author as a boy leading the way to kindness.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Great Books to Read With Your Kids this Christmas

I had the privilege of listening to my daughter read 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas to her first grade class. 
I call it a privilege because, for one, she's my daughter, but besides that 
she uses all the voices of the characters. It's truly a joy. 
I read this story to my kids when they were young and 
to hear one of them read it aloud is magical.

The Grinch's story is one of change. 
He's a mean one, as they say. 
The Whos from Whoville are filled with joy, to the point 
they continue to celebrate Christmas even without 
any presents, decorations or food. 
Their unselfish joy changes the Grinch's heart.

Isn't Christmas more than gifts, feasts, and decor? 
Of course it is. 
It's joy in the depths of the heart. Rejoicing that King Jesus was born. 

If you want your children to appreciate the simple 
yet powerful theme of joy, read the Grinch and 
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. 
The Best Christmas Pageant is 
a heartwarming chapter book you'll laugh out loud over.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Children's Book Review: Waiting by Kevin Henkes

I've met author and Illustrator, Kevin Henkes, several times. Each time I'm impressed with his humble attitude and easy-going personality. Over the years, as a children's librarian,  I've read many of his books to students. Chrysanthemum, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, and Owen were staples on my reading list. I've also enjoyed Henkes's chapter books, Olive's Ocean and Sun & Spoon. Of course I'm partial to his Penny books. But I think my favorites are his recent books where he uses brown ink, colored pencils, and water color to create gorgeous pictures of adorable characters and tells sweet stories.

At a visit at the Blue Marble bookstore, Kevin explained  that Old Bear had been inspired by the inevitable life event of aging. A book I relate to! My latest favorite is called Waiting. In San Francisco I met Kevin Henkes once again and received a signed copy of a print created from a page in Waiting. I carried that print home on the airplane, framed it, and hung it in a prominent place in my home. While I had the beautiful print, the book was not yet available. So I waited on Waiting. AND it was well worth it. I love it. The beauty of being patient and spending time with friends is lovely. The sweet illustrations remind me of porcelain animals I played with at my great-aunt's home. Waiting won a Caldecott Honor and the Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor. Both well warranted. This is a beautiful book to read to a child or just add to your collection.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Two Childrens' Book Reviews: Joseph the Dreamer & Facing the Blazing Furnace, pictures by David Miles

Book Description:
Joseph may be his father’s favorite son, but his brothers feel differently and sell him into slavery in Egypt. In this Level 2 I Can Read written and illustrated in the tradition of the bestselling Adventure Bible, find out how God turns a bad situation into a big blessing. Perfect for beginning readers ages 4-8, learning Bible stories on their own.

My Review:
I like the I Can Read! Adventure Bible series. Joseph the Dreamer is especially wonderful for boys. In the story Joseph suffers at the hands of his brothers, goes on to fulfill God's plan and learns to forgive. The story is simple, yet holds a great message. If you have an early or independent reader, this series is a great addition to their library. David Miles creates colorful illustrations that enhance the story.
I received this book in exchange for a fair review. 

Book Description:
When King Nebuchadnezzar orders everyone in his kingdom to worship a golden statue, three young men refuse to obey. They disobey the king and risk death in the fiery furnace. Find out what happens in this Level 2 I Can Read written and illustrated in the tradition of the bestselling NIV Adventure Bible. Perfect for beginning readers ages 4-8, learning Bible stories on their own.

My Review:
Facing the Blazing Furnace is a good teaching tool for children to explain what it means to worship God. The story is exciting and intense and should be read together. With the characters walking into a fire, an adult will want to explain what the times were like for Daniel and his friends. As always David Miles illustrations add a great deal to the story.
I received this book in exchange for a fair review.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Good Day

Sixty-one degrees drew me outside. I walked a path through the woods that later wound around sidewalks in our community. The sun shined from a blue sky. Birds called to one another that spring weather had arrived. Children played, rode bikes, and skateboards. As I ambled along, a book by one of my favorite authors came to mind.
A Good Day by Kevin Henkes follows the trail of things lost and found. His vibrant illustrations embody a happy feeling, much like the sunny day gave me. This is a perfect book to read to a baby or toddler. The story is sweet and filled with hope for a good day.