Monday, November 26, 2012

Icicled Porches and Shining Stars

My husband and I made our first annual trek to look at twinkling displays set up in the local neighborhood. We’ll go out several times and view the icicled porches, decorated yards and shining stars that luminate the season.

According to Tabya Gulevich in Christmas from A to Z, Thomas Edison strung the first outdoor lights. In 1880 he hung them outside of his Menlo Park Laboratory. But, pre-strung electric lights didn’t catch on until after World War II when the average American had electricity and could afford the lights.

I can imagine that first holiday when neighborhoods joined together to create shining light shows. The pure joy of colorful vibrant lights must have brought a happy buoyancy to the night.

Before the holidays end, I hope to take a ride with my grandchildren and enjoy the sparkling holiday lights near their homes. We’ll ohhh and ahhh over our favorite displays. Take an evening and pile the family in the car. Drive around, view the lights and spend time sharing this joy of the season.

One of my favorite memories of Christmas lights was the year that my brother climbed our 15+ foot pine tree and strung it with bulbs. That tree lighted the night sky like a lighthouse at sea. 

What’s your favorite light display memory?


  1. nailors is pretty high. there was a house in amelia that was pretty fantastic for a few years. and the year dad and i were driving around looking at lights and i got distracted by looking and knocked the mirror off his truck on a mailbox. oops.

  2. I didn't know that-that's a funny memory. Yes-Naylor's is up there.


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