Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to the Fresh Catch

If you’re visiting Turtle Creek for the fishing and canoeing, you’ll want to stop by the Fresh Catch. Finn’s stocked the shelves with pretty much anything you’d need for outdoor adventure. He took over the store when his mom and dad retired and made their little bait shop into quite a business.

Let’s go inside. Looks like Finn’s helping the Laymon twins pick out a tent. Maybe he’ll talk them into a camp stove and a couple of lanterns. Even if you don’t like to camp, he stocks comfy jeans and trendy hats. Pop this owl hat on and look in the mirror. Adorable.

Do you smell the chocolate and licorice? Candy lines the back wall. Remember Necco wafers and Charm squares? How about Gumdrops and Mary Janes by the pound? You can buy all the old fashioned treats that you can eat.  See the girl filling the barrel with taffy? She’s Finn’s daughter, Michelle. He’s raising her by himself. She’s a sweet kid.

No matter what the season, walking into Fresh Catch reminds you of summer. If you hang around awhile Finn will offer you a grape Nehi in a glass bottle. Go ahead, look around. I know you’ll find something you like.

When you finish we’ll head to the year round Christmas shop. Take your time. No hurry.

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