Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lifeline by Christy Barritt

In Lifeline, Julianne Grace doesn’t want to ask Bradley Stone for help. But desperation propels her toward him. He’s not sure he can help. Too much hurt and baggage weigh him down. Trouble is… a relentless predator won’t let them rest.

The author delves into the ugly truth of physical and mental abuse in this fast paced, edge-of-your-seat suspense. Packed with emotion, the story leads the reader through fear and horror as the characters fight for their lives. What I like about Christy’s books is that she always weaves in a thread of hope. Even as my heart fluttered and I shuddered at the terroristic circumstances that surrounded Julianne and Bradley, relief washed over me as their faith kept them calm and guided their path.

As Julianne faces unexpected and close to impossible circumstances, I love seeing her change from frightened and fragile to strong and courageous. In the midst of these incredulous conditions, Barritt knits in a story of love and respect between two injured hearts.

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