Friday, October 16, 2015


Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

The leaves, they are a-changing. As the green fades and the reds, oranges, and golds hang like jewels from the branches, I once again stand in awe of God's creation. On my drive to work, I take in the amazing changes on the hills that surround us. While I'm excited to see the season gradually fade into the next one, I'm not a huge fan of change in general. I get a little nervous when plans are altered. I struggle a little when I'm told I have one more new thing to learn for work. I need to adjust and that rattles my confidence. When life throws a curveball what do I do?   

I turn to the one I can depend on. Jesus. He never changes. He's the same every day. His love and compassion stay steady. When Peter betrayed him, Jesus kept loving him. Even though religious leaders mocked him, he continued to speak to sinners. Against the custom of his day, he spoke to women in a respectful manner. Jesus made changes happen, yet he remained the same. He's the one consistent anchor. No matter what kind of crazy day I've had, I can open my heart and pour out my prayers to the one who always cares. As the leaves change, I know Jesus stays the same. For this I am thankful. Praise God for Jesus.

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