Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book Review: Freedom's Price by Michaela MacColl & Rosemary Nichols,Historical Fiction for Grades 5-8

Publisher's Description:
Eliza Scott isn’t quite a slave, but she’s not free either. She’s not a prisoner, but her family lives in a jail. Eliza, who attends a secret floating school on the Mississippi River because it’s illegal for her to read, says she understands how dangerous her situation is—but her parents know she’s not afraid enough. When a devastating cholera epidemic strikes the city, Eliza discovers she will have to be clever and resourceful to escape a slave catcher and the worst fire in St. Louis’ history. Will Eliza be willing to pay the price of freedom? Freedom’s Price is the second book in the Hidden Histories series, which examines little known moments in American history. Based on actual events and people, the book is extensively researched and includes an author’s note and bibliography.

My Review:
Freedom's Price is the first book I've read in the Hidden Histories series. I worked in an elementary school library for a number of years, and I would have definitely added this book to the collection. The authors spin an interesting tale based on the life of Dred Scott and his family with his oldest daughter Eliza as the main character. Young readers will be inspired by Eliza's bravery and her strong determination. The authors added notes about the history and resources they studied to create a fascinating story. I highly recommend this as reading for young people interested in the history of African-American slavery. 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for a fair review.

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