Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mom Turned 90: What a Journey!

My mom tells the story of how she traveled on a bus from southern Ohio to Washington state. "People looked out for each other then." Each driver would make sure she rode the correct bus to get where she was going. With courage and a few dollars she made the trip to see Dad, a soldier in World War 2. They were young, married parents living in a world of uncertainty.

This past weekend, that sweet young girl turned ninety-years old. Family gathered around her, sang to her, and ate cake. We celebrated the life of a woman who has seen some crazy changes in her life. By the end of the month she'll have witnessed sixteen different men sworn in as President. I'll never forget coming home from school the day John Kennedy died and mom trying to explain that to me, a first grader.

The year mom was born, Charles Lindberg made the first transatlantic flight. Many years later, she gathered with us in front of the television to watch a man land on the moon. Speaking of TV, Mom saw it change from black and white one or two stations to 100s of cable channels with a remote control.

Then there is the telephone.  Remember the party line? You had to wait for the neighbor to hang up before you could make a call. Now Mom uses a wireless phone, but even bettershe uses her iPad to keep in touch with all of us on Facebook. She wanted to keep up with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And she has a slew of them.

Mom is one of the smartest ladies I know. She reads everything. I attribute my great love of books to my mom. And yes, she's seen that change too. Hello, Kindle!

So over the course of ninety years, my mom has lived through square-shouldered jackets, Peter Pan colors, pill-box hats, bell bottoms, polyester, and spandex. I mention fashion trends because Mom was a seamstress for our family. And she's an artist who paints beauty on canvas. Did I mention she was a business woman, dealing in antiques? 

I can't imagine all that my mom has experienced in her ninety years, but speaking for my family, we're glad to be a part of the journey.  

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