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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Middle School Fiction: The Ragamuffin Sisters: The Mysterious Mr. Whistler by Anita Higman & Hillary McMullen illustrated by Elise Whittier Church

Book Description:
What happens when four creative, slightly brilliant, misfit girls team up against a gang of bullies? 

That's right. Danger, chaos, and more adventure than any middle school girl should be faced with in a lifetime! 

When Jane, Elle, Dakota and Sketti band together to face The Thickheads, they land themselves in the midst of a murder-mystery that none of them is prepared to deal with. And when The Thickheads get involved, lines are drawn and accusations are flung. 
But when the two opposing groups join forces, they learn that together, they can mend fences and face the giants. 

This must-read, laugh-out-loud, coming-of-age mystery is a must-read for anyone who's ever felt like a misfit, anyone who's ever been bullied, or anyone who's ever felt like they were on the outside looking in. 

My Review:
I loved The Mysterious Mr. Whistler. The characters are delightful and full of spunk. This is a fun read, that also touches on some tough issues. Middle-schoolers will enjoy the mystery the kids get tangled up in. They'll also have fun reading about the good-natured pranks the girls and boys pull on each other. This is an entertaining read I'd share with my granddaughter. I received the book for free.