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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Twenty-three Years

My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary yesterday. Yep, we got married on Halloween. Not because we love the holiday, but because that particular Saturday fell between basketball and football seasons, and Tim was a coach. Our kids enjoyed throwing candy corn at us (for both of us, it was a second marriage.) Let me tell you, those sweet little pieces of candy hurt when they're hurled through the air.

After 23 years of crazy, raising kids, working jobs, moving several times, we chose to have a quiet dinner and a movie celebration. We reminisced a bit and ate an enjoyable dinner. Then we went to see a movie, The Intern. Robert DeNiro plays an older retired gentleman who takes an internship in a hip young company. Anne Hathaway plays the young, up and coming CEO and founder of the company. Without giving away the plot, I'll just say I enjoyed watching a movie that gives value to the older generation. 

We enjoyed a lovely day, then got to set the clocks back for an extra hour of sleep.