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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Visit to the Forest

 My husband and I drove south to visit our youngest daughter. I enjoyed the area she lives in, including the local coffee shop. The Forest Coffeehouse, aptly named due its proximity to the Smokey Mountains, offered just about any caffeinated drink a soul might crave, including Snow Leopard, Coconut Chai, Mate' Latte', Dirty Dirt Black Cat Chai, plus several decaf delights. They served scones filled with fruit and lots of other treats. But, as much as I enjoyed the coffee, that’s not the best part of the adventure.

I loved the atmosphere, laid back with a dose of ecstatic energy. Creativity and the desire to learn saturated the air. A man journaled, at a round table, beside the picture window.  Students worked on laptops and studied for finals. A group planning the local Strawberry Festival gathered and tossed ideas around. They even reserved a spot to sell local crafters' wares. 

From the art of the barista making a drink to the inspirational juices that flowed from the customers, a trip to The Forest Coffeehouse injected me with a hearty dose of excitement to get back to editing my novel. 

Where do you go to plug in to creative juices?