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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where's the Beauty in Serving?

Galatians:5:13 ...serve one another humbly in love.

To serve. To wait on another person. To be of use. To answer a need. I heard a minister talk about an aspect of service I hadn't heard before. "Job crafting"-- expanding a job in order to make a difference and serve others in a beneficial way. In other words, whatever vocation a job crafter is in, they intentionally look for ways to meet the needs of fellow employees, and find ways to make a difference at work.

I'm busy at work. But according to Paul in Galatians, Jesus expects me to take the time to serve. Maybe something as simple as taking a cup of coffee to an office mate, or sharing a skill with a co-worker. Service is part of obedience to Christ. 

How do I know what someone else needs? Listen, observe, be aware of my surroundings, and I'll see the needs of people.  

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom who takes the kids to plant flowers for an elderly neighbor, the person in the office who knows how to unjam the copier and does it with a smile, or a construction worker who listens to a co-worker at lunch and gives him a word of encouragement, you make a difference.

The examples may sound obvious, but how many times do we get caught up in our projects, issues, or problems, and forget the people around us.

Service requires hearing the message between the words, seeing changes in attitude, and watching actions of other people. Then seek a way to help, no matter how small.

Because no service is too small when done with a caring and open heart.