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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Children's Picture Book Reviews

Kit and the Missing Notebook is a story about calming anxiety. Kit and her family move to a new town, and Kit can't find her precious notebook where she writes all the things she wants to remember. With the help of her new neighbors, she learns some techniques that help calm her anxiety. 

This is a sweet story that's perfect to read aloud to children. The way the authors present the various coping techniques is unique and spot on. The authors also include notes in the back that talk about why they wrote the story and how to use the methods in the book to help a child. Mrs. G's soup recipe is included as well. The illustrations are perfect for the story. 

Race to Kindness is about a race where everyone wins by spreading kindness throughout the community. The story, written by Time's 2021 Kid of the Year, is inspired by his desire to collect toys, food, and books for kids in need. It's an inspiration for all readers and a book that needs to be added to all classrooms and libraries. 

The illustrations are colorful and fun and include the author as a boy leading the way to kindness.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Children's Book Day!

Children's books are works of art and heart.

 Have you read Betsy and/y Bailey, a bilingual English & Spanish 
story of twin sisters who discover the differences that drive them crazy 
are the characteristics they love most in each other?

Read with a child today and be blessed.


Illustrator, Hannah Wickline, had the privilege 
of reading the story to children in Guatemala.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Picture Book Fun

For Christmas, my daughter, Maggie, gifted me with books. Not just any books—picture books. I love picture books. You not only get the story in words, but in illustrations.

I had added four of the books to my Amazon list, so she knew I wanted them. Kevin Henkes and his wife Laura Dronzek created four beautiful books about the four seasons. As a seasonal person, I appreciate the gorgeous paintings and the melodic words. Henkes is in my top five author/illustrators. He often illustrates his own books, like Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. I have to say, his wife’s art fills me with joy. You’ll have to check out, Winter is Here, When Spring Comes, Summer Song, and In the Middle of Fall.

Maggie surprised me with Just Because by Matthew McConaughey. I had no idea he’d written a picture book. Humorous and thought-provoking, he talks about having two feelings at the same time and how life is full of possibilities. There is a video of Matthew and Jimmy Falon reading the book. It’s great!

Whatever you read, choose something you enjoy. Even an adult can have fun reading a picture book, and even better, read to a child.

Friday, August 9, 2019

National Book Lover's Day!

I love books, and I cannot lie. 
Big books, small books, short books, tall books!
Here are some of my favorite children's books. 
I love sharing them with my grandkids. 
As a children's librarian for twelve years, I fell in love with the picture book.
Of course I love novels and nonfiction, too. But there is something about the illustrations and words that create an incredible experience for young readers and the young at heart.
Pick up a book and read!

Happy National Book Lover's Day! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Two New Children's Picture Books from Boyds Mills Press

Book Description:
“One day. . . I went to school. I came home. The end,” says our storyteller—a girl with a busy imagination and a thirst for adventure. The art tells a fuller tale of calamity on the way to school and an unpredictably happy ending. The genius of this picture book is that each illustration captures multiple, unexpected, and funny storylines as the narrator tells her shorter-than-ever stories, ending with “One day. . . I wanted to write a book.” An original and incredibly deep combination of text and art invites readers to make up stories of their own.

My Review:
If you've ever wanted to write a story, you'll enjoy sharing this book with a child. Every turn of the page reveals a new story with comical, cartoonish illustrations. The little girl in the book is having so much fun, I want to join her. This would be the perfect book to prompt little ones to write or tell their own small tales. If you teach early elementary or have an elementary child at home, this would be a great addition to your library or a wonderful gift.
I received this book in exchange for a fair review.

ThisOrq. (he says "ugh!") by David Elliott, illustrated by Lori Nichols

Book Description:
This companion to This Orq. (He Cave Boy.) pits Orq and Woma against a couple of stone-age bullies. Dorq is big, strong, and mean . . . and his pet, Caba, is even worse. But when Caba smashes a giant egg on Woma, Orq is so incensed he bangs two rocks together over and over, creating a spark. Like all good scientists, Orq recognizes an important discovery when he sees it. As he raises a flaming torch triumphantly, Dorq and Caba flee. Small Orq is the inventor of fire—and is a hero to his beloved Woma. An ode to the power of standing up for oneself, this book is the perfect antidote for any child who has ever felt small.

My Review:
In a few words, David Elliott shows how to stand up to a bully. Be smart and not cruel. This Orq. (he says "ugh!") is a well written story that addresses a common problem. Orq is frustrated with the meanness of Dorq, but he doesn't become angry until the bullies pick on his friend Woma. The book prompts discussion about treating others with kindness rather than meanness. Lori Nichols delightful drawings are spot on and add great fun to the story. I especially like the turtle fort and the turtle challenge. I read it to my five-year-old grandson. He enjoyed the story and pictures and liked how Orq was able to scare off the bullies.

I received this book in exchange for a fair review.