Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good-bye Borders

When I heard that the baby giraffe at the Cincinnati zoo died, I almost cried. The pictures of that sweet little animal made me smile, so cute. But he was not long for this world. Yesterday, I visited the zoo with my co-workers for a staff retreat and I stopped by to see how momma and papa were doing. They looked sad and the zookeeper said they are in mourning. They miss their young one. The older I am the more death, closings, and endings weigh on me, maybe because I know I am closer to the end than the beginning now.

Yesterday, I received an email telling me that my favorite store is going out of business. Border books closes their doors after 40 years of bookselling.  A sad day for me, I did my first and only book signing at the store in Eastgate. The event manager helped me set up and allowed me, a first time author with just a segment in a Chicken Soup book to take center stage. My family surrounded me, my husband stood by me, my friends gathered and even a few people I did not know stopped by. What a great memory. So I am mourning the closing of this wonderful store where I met many kind and fun people, including the tall, young man who always gave excellent customer service and could sell an Eskimo ice. Best wishes to all the employees who provided excellent service, you will be missed.

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