Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rising in my Heart

The rolling hills and summer green trees welcomed my coworker, Natalie, and me to Ohio University’s campus. We traveled to Athens to attend the Ohio Library Support Staff Symposium. The trip reminded me of the many journeys I made with Tim to visit our two daughters who graduated from this wonderful institution. My memory drifted to many hugs, smiles and tears shared in both leaving them here and visiting on weekends. As I pulled on to campus I sensed a part of the past rising in my heart. We drove by Kati’s old apartment building and Maggie’s dorm. I remembered slipping into the back of Nelson Hall to visit Kati at work and lugging boxes and furniture into dorm rooms too small for occupants. In my mind I saw Maggie standing in front of her dorm waving good-bye, through tears, her first time away from home.

Years passed, the girls moved on with life and here I am missing those days when our children still belonged to us. Life changed the rules as the kids outgrew being children. What they may not know yet is that in our hearts they will always be the ones we tucked in and kissed good-night. I miss those days as much as I embrace their adulthood and love who they have become.
Good-night from Athens and God bless.


  1. 1. i remember maggie standing and crying and waving.
    2. this made me cry.
    d. you can come tuck me in anytime you want.


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