Monday, July 11, 2011

Watching Tow Mater

Saturday, I took my grandson Zeke to a movie. His mom warned me that he might be too young, he is right at 18 months. But never the less, I thought an air conditioned movie about colorful racing cars might just keep us cool and occupied for a few hours. Sure enough, he loved the race scenes, the cars flying after each other and he  watched anytime that lights flashed off and on. But, about half way through the movie, he crawled up on my lap and drifted off into his dreams. 

So that left me to listen to Larry the Cable Guy as he portrayed Tow Mater the Tow truck and helped out a couple of fancy spy cars. I never thought I would admit that I enjoyed watching animated cars act like people, but with that sweet little boy cuddled on my lap, trusting me to take care of him, I could have watched just about anything. I love the Grammy *Babaw side of fifty. 

*Babaw is what my grandkids call me :)

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