Sunday, August 18, 2013

ACFW Conference - sites in Indy

I’m looking forward to attending Saturday sessions of the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Indianapolis. Attendees have the opportunity to meet editors or agents, whoever God has in mind. I know I’ll meet some lovely writers who have a heart for encouragement and inspiration. I can’t wait to sit in classes taught by authors such as Deb Raney and Brandilyn Collins. Something I’ve learned, by attending conferences, is to take in the city where the event is hosted.

Recently, I visited Indianapolis with my daughter and her children. They have a fantastic Children’s Museum and a beautiful Zoo. The downtown area revolves around a prominent Civil War statue and fountain. Incredible art installations dot the quiet canal district. If you are attending the conference, take time to check out the city and enjoy.


  1. Thanks, Penny. Looking forward to it! :)

  2. Penny, you've got some great photos. And there's so much more!

  3. HOW did I miss the Chocolate cafe last time? I'll definitely find it this trip. Thanks, Penny!

    1. It's on the round-about across from the Civil War statue. Enjoy!


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