Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Didn't Think I'd Ever Finish

When I started writing my novel, I didn't think I'd ever finish. Over the course of four years or so, I've penned more than 58,000 words and edited them at least six or seven times. I've lost count. Finally, I think I am at the point where I can say, I'm finished except for a bit of polish. 

The process reminded me a bit of spring cleaning, which I haven't done since I started writing. When I cleaned, I started with closets, pulling out everything, sorting and pitching. Gradually, I'd get to the room itself. And finally, I'd polish the furniture and mop or vacuum the floor. Creating a clean, organized place to live required work. But when it was finished, I loved the satisfied feeling. As I wrote my manuscript, I went through every chapter many times and rewrote, subtracted, added, and corrected. Again, I felt satisfied.  

When I cleaned, I needed tools. Garbage bags, cleaning supplies, dust cloths, vacuum cleaner, and mop to name a few. In my writing I also used tools. Sometimes,they weren't objects but people. Wonderful, helpful people. Aside from my computer and writing books, I had my critique group, first readers,beta readers and all the folks who helped and encouraged me. I can't forget my husband who not only encouraged, but helped me set aside time to write. 

Now, I need to prepare for the ACFW conference. I'll attend on Saturday and hopefully meet an agent or editor who believes in my story.


  1. I believe in your story! Can't wait to see it in print :)

    1. Thank you! Keep praying for me and that I hear God as he guides me.


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