Friday, August 23, 2013

Second Chances-a book review

By Julie & Mitch Kelly

Julie and Mitch Kelly have gone through a refining fire. They lost jobs, a home, material possessions and dignity. But worst of all, Mitch almost lost his life. Raised to walk by faith, Julie had stepped away from God. Mitch never knew God. But when life poured fire over them, they found out who really loved them, and that they had a second chance at life.

Their story touched me in both a personal way and as a reader. With honesty and open hearts, they shared how they moved from selfish ambition to stand in the presence of God as his saved servants. I know Julie and Mitch and many times prayed for them as Mitch’s health declined. I sat by his mom as she told us their circumstances and asked us to pray. To see how God touched their lives filled me with joy.  As a reader, I was reminded that everyday there are people who suffer and search, and when they seek the Father, they'll understand the power and love of God.

Read the brief account of Mitch and Julie’s journey to faith. You’ll find it both uplifting and a beautiful painting of the Lord’s love.


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