Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Do you Have a Word?

My daughter, Maggie, has a Cricut, a template cutting tool. She creates beautiful designs for shirts, pillows, and so much more. When I was visiting the other day, I wore a plain pink sweatshirt. She knows I love a particular quote from Cinderella. Before the day was over, I had a newly designed pink sweatshirt that quoted Cinderella's mother, "Have courage, be kind." I love it!

The next day, I saw that Dayspring, a Christian card and inspirational gift company, shared a "Word of the Year" quiz On Facebook. I've chosen a word for the new year before, but hadn't settled on anything for 2019. I trust Dayspring so I thought why not.

My word? COURAGE! Not a coincidence.

My new shirt proclaims to have courage and be kind. Bravery, with a peaceful, loving spirit.  The Holy Spirit is nudging me to have courage in 2019. I love that. God knows what lies ahead. He gives me what I need. May the courage I muster come from Him.

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